Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

This past week has been another one of those blink and you miss it type of week. Full of appointments, events, calls & multitasking.

But in the midst of everything, it has truly been one of a kind. Had a very ministering Saturday, a joyful Sunday, and everything in between through the week.

In the ordinary and mundane, are the extraordinary moments..






Going to make ourselves a nice cup of honey, one of my favorite part of our nightly routine,… and maybe take an early night’s rest.

We’ll see… 🙂

Blessed week ahead! October is sneaking up on us. How time flies.


Who is our Master?

This was given by one of our students yesterday. He looked at me, sheepishly said, ‘This is the Master Ring!’ and hurriedly went away with a grin. It was so sweet, and I had it on for the rest of the afternoon.


Makes me think about our Master – who we yield our lives to, or even what we yield ourselves to. There are people I know who’ve spent much of their lives striving – striving for career success, for financial wealth, for the next best thing on the market,…even striving to please others, to meet the expectations of others.

And I would probably be one of them, had I not known Jesus, my only Master. It has been truly life changing, and I don’t think He expects it to be any less.

When I think of how I used to be, under so much pressure, placing the burdens of others on myself, and striving on my own strength, it’s no wonder my health was affected.

With Jesus, the more I learn about Him, and the deeper I go into intimacy with my good God, I realise how it’s only His direction and opinion that matters. For He is my Creator, my Master, the one I live for. Others may misunderstand, others may have differing opinions, but there’s such freedom when I live for Him alone. Freedom from unnecessary stress and burdens, freedom in knowing that He is sovereign and I don’t have to fret over anything.

Absolutely nothing.

Time for tea, a good book…and some chocolate pastries. 🙂

Too cute :)

Seeing my niece on Sundays is such a highlight of my week. I’ll hear her call me when I reach, and her excited face is honestly too sweet for words.

This was when I tried taking a picture of Bren and her. Not sure why she started praying, but it was so cute! She’s growing up so fast, it’s amazing.


Happy Sunday!

Every breath, every moment, every Life

Thursday was a really tough day. 2 deaths in a day is not something you’ll expect waking up. The news of prayers needed, and news of them passing on happened so fast, I spent much of the afternoon and evening grieving at work.

Makes you think. Makes your heart break. Makes you cling onto our good God even more..

Life is our hearts beating. Our constant breathing. Our daily moments.. And it’s not to be taken for granted.

To live life fully and purposefully, for His glory & by His grace, is my desire and my whisper of prayer. In times like these, every little blessing becomes so much more. The fact that I can admire the clouds today…that good times are spent with my loved ones…over lovely food & conversation, it makes me so, very grateful.

Work has been insane these months, and probably will not get any lesser till at least the end of this year. But I’m affirmed by His assurance and direction, and I’m happy to make a difference to people’s lives on a daily basis. Ultimately, I’m simply the instrument, and He is the one orchestrating everything. And I’m going to enjoy everything that comes my way, and say no to certain things in order to maintain my sanity (haha) and to make room for His leading..




Bren and I are going for the funeral wake tonight. May we bring His peace, love & strength to be with the families..

Putting things in perspective

It’s an everyday routine for me to tidy the bathroom sink and part of the morning (and sometimes, evening) routine is putting the toothpaste back together with our toothbrushes.

There are times when I’d be thinking, what’s so difficult about putting it back to its original place? After all, I’ve reminded him several times??

But these days, I do enjoy (!) doing the extra step of putting it back for Bren. It actually reminds me of him – his little quirks, habits & all… And I smile when I remember. His silliness, his goofiness, his little things.

They’re basically that, isn’t it? Little, little things. It’s amazing how we turn them into bigger issues than they actually are.

In the larger picture of things, I’d be sad if one day I didn’t need to do that anymore. Y’know, the long run possibility when we age and grow old… Hmm.

Well, thank God for His perspective.

Thank God for husbands and toothpastes too. 🙂

What happens when you count your blessings thr’out the day? :)

warm banana oatmeal cake made 2 days ago. worship songs ministering deep. going to see Kaelyn soon! being able to lead Kaelyn into a closer communion with Christ. God’s unfailing & everlasting love! [Psalm 48:9] medicine to boost my liver’s strength. thinking of happy smiles on children. having a husband to wake – again, and again [he loves to snuggle]. having clothes to iron. warm water beating therapeutically on my face. husband’s random singing [especially when he lacks sleep]. having toilet-paper! beautiful fluffy clouds: everyday. cabs! happy time with Kaelyn @ Sunday School! lotsa tickles, giggles & laughter with her. good news from client that her health has not worsened. bumping into 2 students at the coffeeshop during lunch. laughter x 4765876 + super-adorable nieces + good food + family bonding time during grandma & grandaunt’s birthday celebration, celebrating another year of our Savior’s goodness!




You get a very, very happy & blessed Sunday. 🙂