What happens when you count your blessings thr’out the day? :)

warm banana oatmeal cake made 2 days ago. worship songs ministering deep. going to see Kaelyn soon! being able to lead Kaelyn into a closer communion with Christ. God’s unfailing & everlasting love! [Psalm 48:9] medicine to boost my liver’s strength. thinking of happy smiles on children. having a husband to wake – again, and again [he loves to snuggle]. having clothes to iron. warm water beating therapeutically on my face. husband’s random singing [especially when he lacks sleep]. having toilet-paper! beautiful fluffy clouds: everyday. cabs! happy time with Kaelyn @ Sunday School! lotsa tickles, giggles & laughter with her. good news from client that her health has not worsened. bumping into 2 students at the coffeeshop during lunch. laughter x 4765876 + super-adorable nieces + good food + family bonding time during grandma & grandaunt’s birthday celebration, celebrating another year of our Savior’s goodness!




You get a very, very happy & blessed Sunday. 🙂


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