Putting things in perspective

It’s an everyday routine for me to tidy the bathroom sink and part of the morning (and sometimes, evening) routine is putting the toothpaste back together with our toothbrushes.

There are times when I’d be thinking, what’s so difficult about putting it back to its original place? After all, I’ve reminded him several times??

But these days, I do enjoy (!) doing the extra step of putting it back for Bren. It actually reminds me of him – his little quirks, habits & all… And I smile when I remember. His silliness, his goofiness, his little things.

They’re basically that, isn’t it? Little, little things. It’s amazing how we turn them into bigger issues than they actually are.

In the larger picture of things, I’d be sad if one day I didn’t need to do that anymore. Y’know, the long run possibility when we age and grow old… Hmm.

Well, thank God for His perspective.

Thank God for husbands and toothpastes too. 🙂


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