Every breath, every moment, every Life

Thursday was a really tough day. 2 deaths in a day is not something you’ll expect waking up. The news of prayers needed, and news of them passing on happened so fast, I spent much of the afternoon and evening grieving at work.

Makes you think. Makes your heart break. Makes you cling onto our good God even more..

Life is our hearts beating. Our constant breathing. Our daily moments.. And it’s not to be taken for granted.

To live life fully and purposefully, for His glory & by His grace, is my desire and my whisper of prayer. In times like these, every little blessing becomes so much more. The fact that I can admire the clouds today…that good times are spent with my loved ones…over lovely food & conversation, it makes me so, very grateful.

Work has been insane these months, and probably will not get any lesser till at least the end of this year. But I’m affirmed by His assurance and direction, and I’m happy to make a difference to people’s lives on a daily basis. Ultimately, I’m simply the instrument, and He is the one orchestrating everything. And I’m going to enjoy everything that comes my way, and say no to certain things in order to maintain my sanity (haha) and to make room for His leading..




Bren and I are going for the funeral wake tonight. May we bring His peace, love & strength to be with the families..


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