Made to be Loved

Celebrated Children’s Day at church this morning, and the message through the drama was so touching, if I wasn’t trying so hard to keep up with taking care of Kaelyn, I think a tear or two could have been shed.

We are all made by Him to be loved.

Made to be Loved.

What a revelation it has been for me. We are special simply because we were Created by Him, and no child is an accident – He has His purpose for every creation.

Looking at Kaelyn, I can’t help but marvel at how she’s growing and how she has been such a blessing, not just to my family but everyone who meets her. Her gentle touch, her sweet heart – melting smile & laughter…is a constant source of multiplied joy, simply because He loves her, He loves us

He loves His creation, especially His dear children.

Such joy to dwell in His love! No performance treadmill, no unhealthy attachment to opinions of others…for what matters most is simply seeking His will, His approval, His presence. Simple as that. 🙂



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