Thankful :)

For being able to start work late today, so I can have a good night’s rest and still have time to prepare quiche & smoothie for our breakfast!

Simple pleasures.



Keep Calm, and Munch On…

Bren is travelling to Beijing tomorrow, and will be away for a week.

Tomorrow marks the official start of the school holidays, and not only do we have the children throughout the day, we are having more of them since we’re combining with our other centre’s children this hols.

This coming week also involves quite a few meetings and activities after work, all of which Bren won’t be around for.


I’m going to keep calm………and munch on, like these fat ones over here:


Munch on God’s Word, that is. 😉

Blessed week ahead!

Sunday bliss

Had such a fun time with Kaelyn at church today! Was so thankful and proud of her that she did not fuss around though there wasn’t the usual Sunday school since it was BBTC’s Anniversary Sunday celebration service. It was sweet seeing her try to flow along with the program, and she’s talking so much now, halfway through the service, she took out an imaginary phone and started chatting with me! Super cute.

We later visited Bren’s uncle and played with silly Junior too. Has been such a great Sunday so far. Some donuts would make it perfect! Hehe.


Let’s give thanks…

For time to cook for loved ones…



For breaks from workdays…


For precious friendships…


For dates with my Heavenly Father…


Always giving thanks in every circumstance. Never easy, but every bit possible by His grace.