More Christmas blessings!

Had a great time this Christmas with loved ones as always, shopping with Bren, and spending a day out with colleagues at River Safari! One of my favorites has to be seeing Bren smile wide when he saw his 2nd Christmas gift. 🙂

Just a coupla days to 2014! So exciting…








One Word: 2014


Is it too early to talk about 2014 when Christmas isn’t even here yet?

I hope not. 🙂

Because I’m excited. I’m looking forward. With anticipation of an adventure with me in the passenger’s seat and Him fully in charge. Well yes, sometimes I think I may take/want to take over the driver’s seat…but I’m trying. Trying to let go and let God do His thing.

Was praying over my one word for 2014 few weeks ago, and was amazed at how quickly God answered – through His Word, the people I met, the things I read, even through my recent annual medical checkup! And the word HOPE carries so much more than simply a word. It reminds me that it’s not the end. God has more and better things in store!

In the midst of the stressors of life, when work drives me a bit nuts, when I forget to take a moment (or two) for myself, when daily situations aren’t so pleasant or smooth-sailing…I thank God that He will remind me of my one word – HOPE. That because I am His beloved, I am so dearly loved. That because He cares for me, I can always, always turn to Him and give him all of it. That because He is sovereign, His ways are higher than mine. I simply am called to trust, and to be faithful.

My victory is indeed in Christ alone!

There are many things that I am waiting upon the Lord for. Many, many things I’m praying and hoping for.

And I take heart that though in this world, He says there will be trouble, but He also promises that He has overcome the world.


His gift for me.

His gift not just for this Christmas season, or for this particular season of my life…but for life. 🙂


Spending time with family…


Our wedding photographer mailed us a card from her travels. In it, she likened the aqueducts in France to the importance of family in our lives. Couldn’t agree more that indeed our families are the structures of our lives, especially in our forming years. More than that, they also provide the pillar of support that we need whenever we are down and need someone to talk to.

I remember playing an ice-breaker game a while back where we were asked to share our favorite things to do. As I was pondering on what mine was, I realized and shared that I enjoy many things, but the one thing that I enjoy best – and try to make most time for – is spending time with my loved ones. It’s intangible, but so so precious.

This Christmas season, I hope not to get lost in the commercial aspect of the festivities, but rather to quietly dwell in His love for us…for that is the very reason for every celebration. The fact that He loves me, He loves us…is reason enough to rejoice.

Some happy pictures over the past weeks!












Bren is back!

He’s sleeping soundly in the room right now, catching up on rest after his trip, and our waffle breakfast!

The next time I try doing up waffles again, I’ll have it as dessert – with bananas and ice-cream! Yum.



My homemade waffles turned out okay! Bought the waffle maker from HappyCall, so was looking foward to trying it out.


And Bren just called from India! Telling me how surprisingly good the food is there. He’s coming back this weekend – can’t wait!

Onto another day tomorrow! 🙂

Gratitude heals…

And that is why in the midst of the storms around us…I choose to remain in the eye of the storm – in my loving Father’s care. Being grateful for the seemingly small, being keenly aware of the blessings He has placed around me, being thankful for this life – this precious gift itself.

Every hour, a new consecration. Every day, a step towards transformation. Every life, an opportunity to bring glory to Him.

I can never say this enough – there’s so so much to give thanks for. 🙂






Gifts to Give Thanks for:

Time with Kaelyn at the airport’s bookstore.


Starting my Christmas prep!


Baking 🙂


Cooking 🙂 especially food that Bren loves.


And I’m giving thanks for the weekend too. For being able to slow…..down……………drink some tea later, have a nice custard pastry to go along, while admiring my orchids.

Thanking God for a hard week at work that reminds me of His presence & strength that’ll see me through it.

Thanking God also for our helper who is diligently cleaning up our home right now. For a refrigerator that’s full of food (haha), for the bustling neighborhood, for my life in Christ!

For the spiritual weapons I have in Him – His Name, the Rhema Word of God, His Blood, & the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven to bind & loose! Amazing gifts, thank You Father.

Thank You Lord also for cool weather, for water – to quench my thirst physically & spiritually…for quiet time with You, and Your warm presence that always envelopes me.

Thank You that I’m able to bless the children with books this Christmas! I’m looking foward to giving to them. 🙂

Thank You too for the lovely red bag that parents got me from their trip to HongKong! Can’t wait to use it.

Thank You for lunch that Bren will buy back for us later on…for his silly sense of humour that cracks me up all the time. Thank You for the quinoa salad I prepared last night that was just right for our breakfast this morning.

Thank You for assuring me that I am fearfully & wonderfully made, and that You have great plans for me. Thank You for my mentors, especially for my dear bosses’ care & guidance these past months, when I was very stretched and fell ill. Thank You for the dance video that cheered my spirits too – indeed, people of The Lord, Rise Up!!

Thank You Father, that in You, we are redeemed. Through Christ. Wow. Thank You for Your blessing upon Bren and I, that our marriage is getting lovelier by the week…only by Your grace & divine intervention. Thank You that You promise that as long as we seek You with all our heart, we will find You. Thank You that I’m discovering…uncovering…unravelling the daily blessings that You have in store for me, Your will for my life is beyond amazing. It’s so much more than I’d have ever imagined.

Lastly, Thank You Lord, for HOPE. Thank You that this Christmas is all about HOPE in Christ.

It’s all about You Jesus…

All about You. 🙂

So much to give thanks for…