“Hers was a simple faith…”

Attended the memorial service of our late Mdm Cheong last night. Her passing on may seem abrupt, but I’m choosing to see it as His grace, answering her prayers for she has always said she wants to go to Heaven, no delay needed.

Her smiles, so warm, so cheery, always greets us when we visit. She would already be at the gate, waiting for us to arrive. Her house, though small, would always be a place of memories – so full of memories of when we sang worship songs with her, when we cleaned up for her (mostly our dear guys), when we applied ointment patches for her. She was one sociable lady, always introducing us to her friends, and always making us feel so welcomed.

Her passing on – though heart-wrenching because we’ll miss her – is a gift. A gift of reminding me how important it is to live with the bigger picture in mind – God’s picture. Her simple faith and humility reminds me how we don’t need to do many things to enter into His presence… And how I really need to make more time for the people who really matter, and to loosen up about the things that honestly would not matter much in the larger scale of things.

I called my grandma this morning. It was a conversation that was like any other whenever I call her in the morning. She would ask me similar questions, I would answer similar answers…haha. But that sweetness of hearing her voice, experiencing His love through it, that – that is a gift from Mdm Cheong. A gift of reminders, a gift of simple faith.



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