One Word: 2014


Is it too early to talk about 2014 when Christmas isn’t even here yet?

I hope not. 🙂

Because I’m excited. I’m looking forward. With anticipation of an adventure with me in the passenger’s seat and Him fully in charge. Well yes, sometimes I think I may take/want to take over the driver’s seat…but I’m trying. Trying to let go and let God do His thing.

Was praying over my one word for 2014 few weeks ago, and was amazed at how quickly God answered – through His Word, the people I met, the things I read, even through my recent annual medical checkup! And the word HOPE carries so much more than simply a word. It reminds me that it’s not the end. God has more and better things in store!

In the midst of the stressors of life, when work drives me a bit nuts, when I forget to take a moment (or two) for myself, when daily situations aren’t so pleasant or smooth-sailing…I thank God that He will remind me of my one word – HOPE. That because I am His beloved, I am so dearly loved. That because He cares for me, I can always, always turn to Him and give him all of it. That because He is sovereign, His ways are higher than mine. I simply am called to trust, and to be faithful.

My victory is indeed in Christ alone!

There are many things that I am waiting upon the Lord for. Many, many things I’m praying and hoping for.

And I take heart that though in this world, He says there will be trouble, but He also promises that He has overcome the world.


His gift for me.

His gift not just for this Christmas season, or for this particular season of my life…but for life. 🙂



2 thoughts on “One Word: 2014

  1. misssrobin says:

    I had a very tough time waiting until today to post my word for 2014. I decided on it a little after Thanksgiving and have been so excited I couldn’t contain it. I even broke down and told a couple of friends. My word for 2014 is CREATE. I’m so excited about all the possibilities and can’t wait to see how the year unfolds.

    Great choice — HOPE. I hope it’s exactly what you need to get you through this next year with peace and joy. And, oh, yes, it can be so tough to let Him drive our lives, can’t it?

    Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

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