Have not been able to jot any thoughts here for the past week…simply because things were moving so fast. Work. Family time. & a funeral.

Bren’s uncle went Home to be with our Lord on Saturday. Words cannot express the grief we went through…but I take heart knowing that God knows. & He holds. Holds us by His loving Hands…cups us with His loving embrace…& in His presence, there is healing. Divine healing.

Whatever may happen, He is my Rock. No one enjoys having to experience 2 deaths in the family in just 1 month. No one delights in having these experiences coincide with farewells of people dear to them…like my mentor, boss & friend, who’ll be migrating in a few days.

But I will persist in considering it as pure joy, when trials come. For as my dear mentor texted, The Lord is preparing us for new growth & work whenever He prunes us. I thank God that though she’ll not be physically present with me at work, our friendship will withstand the distance. It’s so special when God places people like that in your life.

Only God can do that.

& only God can give me the strength to move foward & His grace to see His beauty, even in days of pain…




Life is never the same…but it goes on

I thank God for understanding bosses & colleagues, for giving me the space & time to grieve over my dear nephew. Bit by bit, it becomes easier…bit by bit surrendering to Him who knows it all. Can’t imagine what my dear sister has to go through…would you continue covering her in prayers?

It’s a new day, new day full of new mercies from Him. πŸ™‚



You are (deeply) Loved!

Thanking God for all of you for journeying with me through the past week’s tough ordeal…and thanking God for His mercies are new every morning. πŸ™‚

Mailed a card to our Snr Pastor’s wife few days back, and her sweet reply came at just the right moment when I was a little down yesterday. Telling her that she was loved was simply an act of obedience to God’s prompting, but receiving the love back…that can only be His doing. :*)

Have a blessed day, y’all. Remember that our Most High God loves YOU! So, so deeply.

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No matter what…

God is good. Even if I don’t understand His Hand, I know His heart…& His heart is so, so good, it’s beyond human comprehension.

Sis &BIL have decided to have induced labor tomorrow morning. Appreciate your prayer covering..

This was from a dear Pastor:
Hi Jacinta, although it seems almost certain that the induced labor is to be done, I am still praying for God to break in in ways He knows best. Even if the induced labor happens, I am praying the grace of God will still flow through and hindsight will provide us the wisdom to see and know and better appreciate what is now happening, whatever the outcome. Blessings.


Counting gifts, one gift at a time…

Thank You Father, for the headphones in my bag, so I can listen to worship songs wherever I go. It really helps me to focus on you, and not the things of this world.

Thank You Father, for the good breakfast we had this morning. The bread from Dukes Bakery (@United Square) and Barcode Bakery was such a treat to our stomachs.

Thank You Father, for allowing us to experience Your Hand at work in our hearts through this very challenging trial. Thank You that You promise to be found whenever we seek You with all of our hearts. Thank You that You’ll never leave us nor forsake us! You will not leave us in this situation alone! You will carry us through till completion – an outcome that is victorious and all glory goes to You!

Thank You Father for EP that has arranged for Ps Jason to come over tonight to pray for sis & baby. Thank You for prayer warriors who are cheering us on. It’s such a gift, Lord.

Thank You Father, for the skylight…for the light that shines through the clouds, reminding me that in the midst of our tears, as long as You are our foundation, our Light, You will shine through the clouds and rain…and we’ll see that rainbow. Your rainbow, Your covenant with us!

Thank You for the birds that flew past, reminding me how in You, we will soar on wings like eagles……..oh yes, we will~

Thank You Father, for Bren’s silly antics that keep our realities a little more humorous and of good cheer πŸ™‚ He’s walking around showing off his shirt like an in-house model wannabe haha.

Thank You Father, for this mobile phone – a gift from Bren last year. Thank You that You’ve always provided for us, in every area of our lives!

Thank You Father, for silly Gypsie who’s scurrying around outside our room right now. Her morning barks are replacing my alarm for now.

Thank You Father, for my TCM doctor whom I’m going to see later. Thank God for her expertise & ministering way of service.

Thank You Father, for yesterday’s chicken rice lunch which was so delicious, I still remember it. Thank You for the sweetness in sharing biscuits with Kaelyn after Sunday school too! Thank You for stopping the rain just after she prayed!

Thank You Father, for the warm comforters that keep us cosy as we rest,especially on colder months… Thank You for the old but durable basket we got from IKEA (!) 3 years ago, that can still store our necessities well. Simple things, but so important. Thank You too, for my fav beige cardigan that keeps me warm and comfortable…and goes well with pretty much anything!

Thank You Father, for I know You are watching over me & my loved ones. Every small and big thing that happens – You are sovereign over them all. Thank You for the earthly blessings that You’ve provided for us to enjoy daily, for opening my eyes to them so I don’t take anything for granted. Thank You that You are beside me everywhere that I go – every step of the way is lovingly prepared for me. Even when I don’t fully comprehend Your Hand, help me to trust in Your heart, Father!

Lastly, thank You Father, that You’ve given me life. Life that’s more than abundant. Life in You that shows me the very reasons I was born on earth for. People You want me to meet, things You want me to accomplish, a divine purpose that can only be done through Your grace.

Lord, I take everything with thanksgiving….knowing that You have a hope for me like none other. A future so bright, nothing and no one else can offer.

In You, I rest…..I rest in Your love for me. πŸ™‚


God is incredible!

Sis & BIL has cancelled next Tuesday’s appointment regarding induced labor! Praise God! They’re hoping to arrange for another scan again sometime soon – would you pls continue covering them & baby in prayers? Grace is more than sufficient for everything we are going through. πŸ™‚

This post came at just the right time when I really needed it.

Yes, Father God, I know You are revealing to me how HOPE is truly the anchor for my 2014. Starting this early in January…wow, thank You. Thank You for Your divine assurance & Your gift of the Body of Christ! Thank You for Your unconditional love and your love that envelopes me in such a divine embrace!

Thank You that I always have HOPE because You have already paved the way…I simply need to faithfully discern and follow.


Am riding the wave of faith……