Would you pls pray alongside?

I don’t usually do this, but my dear brothers & sisters in Christ, I’m sincerely rallying for prayers support in whatever platform possible for my dear sister’s baby, still dwelling in her womb. This gift from Christ is so precious & divine, and I’m rejecting the doctor’s & neurosurgeon’s assessment of hydrocephalus and claiming healing & victory in Christ!

If the Lord so leads, would you pls pray alongside with us on this for complete restoration & healing? That water flow will be normal, the brain will develop perfectly and the head will be fully restored to the right size & function. That my sis will not need to go for induced labor!

Indeed, we are asking for divine intervention from our dear Lord Jesus, Jevovah Rapha our healer! Sister & BIL (pre-believers) are possibly going for another check this Monday, 13 Jan 2014, and family and I are praying for His miracle – for His glory. Trusting for something good to come out of this very trying situation…

Lord, have mercy on us and especially baby!

Thank you all for praying. God is always good. 🙂


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