Have not been able to jot any thoughts here for the past week…simply because things were moving so fast. Work. Family time. & a funeral.

Bren’s uncle went Home to be with our Lord on Saturday. Words cannot express the grief we went through…but I take heart knowing that God knows. & He holds. Holds us by His loving Hands…cups us with His loving embrace…& in His presence, there is healing. Divine healing.

Whatever may happen, He is my Rock. No one enjoys having to experience 2 deaths in the family in just 1 month. No one delights in having these experiences coincide with farewells of people dear to them…like my mentor, boss & friend, who’ll be migrating in a few days.

But I will persist in considering it as pure joy, when trials come. For as my dear mentor texted, The Lord is preparing us for new growth & work whenever He prunes us. I thank God that though she’ll not be physically present with me at work, our friendship will withstand the distance. It’s so special when God places people like that in your life.

Only God can do that.

& only God can give me the strength to move foward & His grace to see His beauty, even in days of pain…




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