“Do you like me??”

He would smile this sweet expression, nod his head in a question, waiting expectantly for my answer.

Many times, he would repeat the question while I take time to smile at his almost-daily routine of this every day he sees me after school. At times, before I could reply, he would sheepishly utter, “I like you very much y’know?” with several quickly repeated happy nods. Once in a while, he would walk pass my office area and wave happily to me with that same excited grin.

Simple moments like this melts my stress at work away. He may be an 11 year old autistic child, but his heart is one that touches me deeply. One that grounds me back to the simplicity of human interactions and our innate desire to be welcomed and loved by others.

So much that children can teach us. So much that I treasure at work…



Just back!

From a retreat in Batam, Indonesia. Celebrated Bren’s birthday, had a ministering time of fellowship & a painfully good massage, followed by a simple but fun time appreciating our leaders.

Before that, went for Linda’s beautiful & artistic wedding ceremony, and spent some time with family on Saturday morning. All in all, a great weekend of fun & rest…and it’s still not over! Heading over to have dinner with in-laws soon. 🙂

Hope y’all had a blessed time too! Some pictures for memory’s sake…






Joy in the slow………..

It’s funny how circumstances sometimes jolt you into thinking more – more of what you believe in, what you stand for, what God wants & what His desire is for me in this very season.

When the world spins around me, I lean in closer to the One who made me. When thoughts race in my mind about my insufficiency & inability to keep up with the world, I take a step back and step into His Hand that holds. Holds me so close I know He doesn’t let go. When the people around me tell me things ought to be faster – more efficient, more speedy, more more…more. I remind myself that Jesus did not rush. He did not aim for *everything*, checking things off a to-do list – He knew His portion, and He faithfully fulfilled God’s desire.

I had a long day out in town yesterday. Before that, a weekend that was full of great moments with my loved ones.

While waiting for Bren to be done with work last night, I strolled along to the music festival and took in the evening sights. Young teenage girl posing happily at the River cruise with her mum. Expats chatting, drinking & jogging. Tiny sparrows flitting around me, sometimes near enough for me to feel their chubbiness. Even bumped into one of my ex-staff who’s now working in that area. Was just an hour or so, but I was so blessed by it.

It seems that when I walk slower, when I make a conscious effort to breathe deeper & speak slower,…I see more. See more beauty in the small & big, and am able to appreciate and be present in the moment without letting things just fly by. And I like it 🙂 I want to savor…..I want to go slower, even if everything and everyone else says fast is better.

Because in the small, slow moments of life, I sense His presence in a clearer manner. There’s space for Him to speak to me, and my heart is tender enough to hear His promptings to me. I don’t take His grace, love & blessings for granted. Because no, I’m not too busy doing something that I forget the Creator of it all.

And I’m going to enjoy…enjoy Him, enjoy His presence…enjoy being loved by my Daddy-God.

Amazing. 🙂






No other word has been so clear & strong from The Lord this month. Everyday, the devotionals that I’ve read, the messages from His Word…all point to that one word – REST.

I’ve been fighting it a bit, that I’ve got to admit. Partly because I wasn’t sure that it was the right thing for this season…and partly because all that surrounds me – the expectations, the demands, the many requests, the never-ending list of “to-do.s” keep my mind thinking that it’s just not really the right thing to do right now. I hope I’m making sense..?

It’s very easy for me to succumb to pressure from people higher up. It’s this thing I’ve struggled with ever since young. Makes me feel like I’m not good enough. And that the only way around it is to try harder. Do just that bit more. Sleep that bit less. It’s crazy. It’s – what I’ve now realized – a big, fat lie.

I wished I realized it earlier, but it’s better than not knowing it at all.

Knowing that I don’t have to strive, or try harder. I just have to focus on what God wants each day, and to draw from His strength & rely on His grace – for that very day itself.

Like how a baby trusts & relies on his/her parents, I can trust & rely on my dear Heavenly Father – for He loves me & wants me to take care of myself – to simply REST in Him.

The other things can take a back-seat for now. 😉