Joy in the slow………..

It’s funny how circumstances sometimes jolt you into thinking more – more of what you believe in, what you stand for, what God wants & what His desire is for me in this very season.

When the world spins around me, I lean in closer to the One who made me. When thoughts race in my mind about my insufficiency & inability to keep up with the world, I take a step back and step into His Hand that holds. Holds me so close I know He doesn’t let go. When the people around me tell me things ought to be faster – more efficient, more speedy, more more…more. I remind myself that Jesus did not rush. He did not aim for *everything*, checking things off a to-do list – He knew His portion, and He faithfully fulfilled God’s desire.

I had a long day out in town yesterday. Before that, a weekend that was full of great moments with my loved ones.

While waiting for Bren to be done with work last night, I strolled along to the music festival and took in the evening sights. Young teenage girl posing happily at the River cruise with her mum. Expats chatting, drinking & jogging. Tiny sparrows flitting around me, sometimes near enough for me to feel their chubbiness. Even bumped into one of my ex-staff who’s now working in that area. Was just an hour or so, but I was so blessed by it.

It seems that when I walk slower, when I make a conscious effort to breathe deeper & speak slower,…I see more. See more beauty in the small & big, and am able to appreciate and be present in the moment without letting things just fly by. And I like it 🙂 I want to savor…..I want to go slower, even if everything and everyone else says fast is better.

Because in the small, slow moments of life, I sense His presence in a clearer manner. There’s space for Him to speak to me, and my heart is tender enough to hear His promptings to me. I don’t take His grace, love & blessings for granted. Because no, I’m not too busy doing something that I forget the Creator of it all.

And I’m going to enjoy…enjoy Him, enjoy His presence…enjoy being loved by my Daddy-God.

Amazing. 🙂





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