“Do you like me??”

He would smile this sweet expression, nod his head in a question, waiting expectantly for my answer.

Many times, he would repeat the question while I take time to smile at his almost-daily routine of this every day he sees me after school. At times, before I could reply, he would sheepishly utter, “I like you very much y’know?” with several quickly repeated happy nods. Once in a while, he would walk pass my office area and wave happily to me with that same excited grin.

Simple moments like this melts my stress at work away. He may be an 11 year old autistic child, but his heart is one that touches me deeply. One that grounds me back to the simplicity of human interactions and our innate desire to be welcomed and loved by others.

So much that children can teach us. So much that I treasure at work…



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