Treasured friendships

I always remind myself that people matter so much more than things. And having a friend over for a simple home cooked dinner is one of my favorite ways to bond.

Blessed Saturday!




Have been ill for the past 3 days. Was really bummed because it was rather abrupt, and I was looking foward to going back to work after the long weekend!

But when you need to take care of yourself, you need to take care of yourself. Am feeling slightly better, though the nose is still sniffy and blocked. Praying for complete & speedy recovery!

Though it has been torturous not being able to sleep well (praying for much better rest tonight!) and feeling so lethargic and weak…there’s still much to give thanks for.


Here’s hoping tomorrow will see a healthier me!

Such a wonderful weekend…

Psalm 40:3
He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.

Spent the entire weekend with my favorite people & favorite things to do! It was brimming with so much joy…simply because it was filled with His presence.

Celebrated dear Kaelyn’s 3rd birthday (in advance), and it went beyond what I was praying for. Y’see, the last thing you’d want in your niece’s birthday celebration is to have her Minnie Mouse balloon destroyed right in front of her – which was what happened to yours truly. It was an accident (the ceiling fans ;( ) and it made my heart sink so bad, seeing her cry. The party hadn’t even started!

But God’s peace & grace reigned, and at the end of the day, I realized the gift He was unraveling for us – the power and importance of forgiveness.

Few minutes later – prompted by my Mum – she smiled, hugged me and nodded her head when I asked if she could forgive me for it. That’s a birthday gift that can only be from Him.

Praying that she grows up to be a woman after God’s heart…one that sees beyond the things of this world and seeks for the things of His heart!






Had a refreshing time with Bren at GardensByTheBay after a housewarming lunch gathering with colleagues too. Such beauty in flowers that I adore! Timely reminder of His creations… It was a date that was very much needed after both of our packed work schedules week after week. Thank God for long weekends!





Ended the weekend with bringing Kaelyn to our church’s Superhero Carnival, which she was so excited about! It was good fun, and her favorite was jumping around in the big Inflatable. There were so many kids around, and seeing them bask in His goodness was really special.


Hope you’d a great weekend too! God loves you!

Turning 32…

It was a break that was not just physically restorative, but emotionally & spiritually too. As I spent time with Him & my loved ones…reflecting on the year past & the one ahead, I realise how thankful I am for the ordinary. The ordinary everyday. The little moments between people. The smiles and happy eyes. The jokes and the ability to laugh at ourselves..

Had a heart-to-heart talk with Bren too, a long while since. And I felt so pampered when he brought me to Morton’s for dinner. The food was amazing, and the service was praiseworthy.

Carol came over and we cooked together too. A few times that day, I’d to remind myself that my boss-turned-mentor-turned-friend is now peeling the garlic & slicing the onions right in my kitchen! It was surreal, yet felt so right & comfortable.

All in all, a birthday break that’s unforgettable. Simply because of His love & presence in our lives.

Whatever lies ahead in this journey, I’m thankful for His loving guidance, and for placing wonderful people in my path each day.











Enjoying small moments…

Bren and I have been having the worst work schedules for these past weeks, and our peak periods are not even ending anytime soon. He has been coming back late every night these past weeks, a far cry from times when we could meet up at a reasonable dinner hour at least twice a week after work.

It’s my birthday today (32!) and he has been on a work call since after we’d our breakfast, haha. [side-note: it’s quite cute hearing him speak in Chinese and English with a China-like accent! Hee hee…]

But anyway.

I’m thankful for the alone times after work that has allowed me to have long stretches of daily quiet time to process things with God. With so many things happening on all fronts, such times are so important to me.

Also for the small moments that Bren and I are able to spend together…treasured even more because of what has been happening these months. Moments of him whispering good night when I’m half asleep…quick chats over breakfast when we manage to coincide our time…and of course the weekends are the best gift. 😉

The small things can actually turn out to be the big things. Small moments are even more precious when they’re hard to come by. Teaches us not to take anything for granted.

I’m thankful for a husband that works hard to provide for our future. For favor that has been granted us at our workplaces. Ultimately, thankful that God is God of our lives, and will see us through this season of stretching.