Enjoying small moments…

Bren and I have been having the worst work schedules for these past weeks, and our peak periods are not even ending anytime soon. He has been coming back late every night these past weeks, a far cry from times when we could meet up at a reasonable dinner hour at least twice a week after work.

It’s my birthday today (32!) and he has been on a work call since after we’d our breakfast, haha. [side-note: it’s quite cute hearing him speak in Chinese and English with a China-like accent! Hee hee…]

But anyway.

I’m thankful for the alone times after work that has allowed me to have long stretches of daily quiet time to process things with God. With so many things happening on all fronts, such times are so important to me.

Also for the small moments that Bren and I are able to spend together…treasured even more because of what has been happening these months. Moments of him whispering good night when I’m half asleep…quick chats over breakfast when we manage to coincide our time…and of course the weekends are the best gift. 😉

The small things can actually turn out to be the big things. Small moments are even more precious when they’re hard to come by. Teaches us not to take anything for granted.

I’m thankful for a husband that works hard to provide for our future. For favor that has been granted us at our workplaces. Ultimately, thankful that God is God of our lives, and will see us through this season of stretching.



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