Turning 32…

It was a break that was not just physically restorative, but emotionally & spiritually too. As I spent time with Him & my loved ones…reflecting on the year past & the one ahead, I realise how thankful I am for the ordinary. The ordinary everyday. The little moments between people. The smiles and happy eyes. The jokes and the ability to laugh at ourselves..

Had a heart-to-heart talk with Bren too, a long while since. And I felt so pampered when he brought me to Morton’s for dinner. The food was amazing, and the service was praiseworthy.

Carol came over and we cooked together too. A few times that day, I’d to remind myself that my boss-turned-mentor-turned-friend is now peeling the garlic & slicing the onions right in my kitchen! It was surreal, yet felt so right & comfortable.

All in all, a birthday break that’s unforgettable. Simply because of His love & presence in our lives.

Whatever lies ahead in this journey, I’m thankful for His loving guidance, and for placing wonderful people in my path each day.












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