Labor Day weekend




Had a very fruitful yet relaxing time these past days. Was a welcome respite since I was still recovering from the flu bug. Called in pizza one evening for Bren and I since I’d a birthday discount…bumped into parents in town on another night when I waited for Bren to end work…and spent a fun time with Carol shopping & catching up over dinner + desserts on Labor Day break.

She has been instrumental in many aspects of my life, and it’s funny how she even cares about the colors in my wardrobe. As she excitedly placed clothes on me to try, exclaiming, “see, so nice!” and sharing with me what was on promotion at H&M…..I couldn’t help but take it all in as one huge blessing from God, one that I must never take for granted. It was her wedding anniversary too, and it was special spending it together like that. A little strange, but very very nice. πŸ™‚

Today, am going to take it slow…and have a quiet day in. Bren is working, and will buy dinner back for us. Am probably going to take an afternoon nap soon…

Blessed weekend!


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