A Mother’s Love… :)

We are all so flawed. So self-serving at times, … so very human. It’s the very reason we need His touch…His divine, life-transforming touch, that works deep in our lives & transforms us inside-out, like no makeover ever can. Because it’s e Spirit’s work, and it’s amazing…..

Had such a special Mother’s Day weekend, and it’s still fresh in my mind. A weekend filled with so much laughter and honesty, so many flawed words & actions…and so much of His overwhelming grace.

Sensing that it was a weekend of rest & restoration was one thing; actually experiencing His Hand of restoration was yet another altogether.

Restoration of our bodies, restoration of relationships, restoration of how we view things in life…restoration of our image of our Heavenly Father. Our sacrificial and unconditional love from our Super-Loving Heavenly Father. Lord, I can only say thank you. :*)

So much can be said about a mother’s love. So much tangible things can be experienced from a mother’s love. Personally, I’ve been so blessed with my own mother’s extravagant love that I can’t ever express thanks enough…

But God is Love. And His Love is beyond what we can ever imagine. The source & motivation of a mother’s love – a parent’s love – comes from Him, whether we realise it, or not. For He is the source of all things, and He is LOVE.

This Mother’s Day, I’m immensely grateful for the deep work He is doing in my life, as well as in the lives of my loved ones. Though it may be painful at times, painfully raw and honest and heart-wrenching at times…I’m grateful that He uses every bit – nothing is ever wasted. He makes our lives into something so beautiful, so deeply ingrained in His love…I’m filled with wonder, and all glory is ascribed to Him alone.



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