FamFest & a little gift!

Celebrating the family this weekend, and it was nice seeing many in white at church. Indeed, it’s not just a symbol of purity & virtue, but of Christ as well. May we be more and more Christ-like with each passing day…

Oh and Bren bought me a little gift! In advance, for our “dating anniversary”. Hee…hee…feel so pampered with such a pretty necklace.

Thankful for the weekend, and anticipating the week ahead. 🙂





I will praise Him at all times… :)

So much to give thanks for. Especially in times like this, when i don’t understand many things…I choose to praise & worship Him. And choose to see with His eyes…that I may have a glimpse of divine revelation, and praise Him even more.

Was amazing how my workday turned out yesterday. Did absolutely nothing that I originally planned for. The Lord was truly in control, unravelling His purpose for my day.

Ministered to a sweet volunteer-turned-friend on her spiritual journey, and before I could do anything much after that, received a call from a colleague, and we talked about work matters and our personal journeys with Him…and it was so, so sweet.

So sweet to have Him use a single lady to assure me that this new season of my marriage is indeed a new season, a different season where priorities are allowed to be different. Realised how it’s really not selfish of me to be prioritising this season’s needs, but that I’m doing the right thing by choosing to obey His commands. I cannot tell you how emotionally lifted I was after that… It was truly all by His grace.

Praying for a blessed weekend as I relook at my schedule…and shift my priorities to focus on the needs of this season. Lord, thank You. 🙂

A time to savor…

Had such a great time with colleagues last night, laughing and laughing and laughing …till my cheekbones seriously ached. Reminisced the good ol’ days, the “little (cheeky) terrors” that left deep impression on us…and had a sweet time basking in the fellowship of one another. It was truly a time of savoring the fruits of our labor, and preparing ourselves for the journey ahead.

Good times. 🙂


Therapeutic cooking

I’m thankful for days when I start work a little later, or end work a little earlier. It usually means I can squeeze in a bit of time for cooking, or a little more time to rest. Even more thankful when Bren finishes everything! So satisfying 🙂 and therapeutic, especially during challenging periods like this week.




A good weekend…

When there’s Nutella, and time with my dear husband. 😉



Now, am going to sew a loose button on his shirt, watch a bit of news…and call it a night soon.

Thank You Lord, for constantly watching over us.

Consider it pure joy…

…whenever you face trials of many kinds.

Hanging on to Your Word, Lord…my dear Heavenly Father, for this year has been nothing short of tumultuous.

Had a very intense meeting yesterday, and was so tired out at the end of the day, I fell asleep on the couch. Had to sleepily drag myself into the bedroom..

But I know You have good plans for me, plans to prosper me, and not to harm me. Plans to give me a hope & a good future! You are my Shepherd, checking the days ahead and preparing me for every step I take…so I choose to trust You. Choose to lay all my burdens at the foot of the Cross. Choose to consider everything pure joy…

And choose to look for Your light in the midst of every dark day. For there are many moments to be grateful for… 🙂