Taipei: Day 2


Can’t believe we’re still snuggling at this time, haha. If not for my alarm at 8am, I’m not sure what time we’ll be awake. :p

Loving this chill-out pace. Bren is thinking of his bubble-tea again…


Weather is really hot. We bought an umbrella just to shield ourselves (okay, more for me) from the blazing hot sun. Needless to say, it justified Bren’s craving for another good cup of cold bubble tea.Ā 

Enjoying just being together and doing simple things (like looking for the washroom, haha) together. It’s been really nice so far, and am thankful. šŸ™‚

It’s great that we want similar things, and love a slow, unfrenetic pace of traveling. Makes it so easy to enjoy…and savor different blessings that come along. No rush, no agenda…we always say, we’ll go with the flow…deciding where to go only in the spur of the moment. Makes it a lot more fun, and with a lot less unnecessary pressure coming from expectations of what a holiday should be too. Love him.

Reminisced about our junior college days, when we first met, and how far we’ve come along. It’s always astounding how much we’ve grown, and I firmly credit it all to our good, gracious, loving Heavenly Father. Thankful for the many things we’ve learnt about each other, and for His mercy upon us. Through every painful period, challenging conversation, and all the ungodly beliefs we held about each other, God’s love covered them all, tiding us through the many years of tearing each other apart with our words…and bringing something absolutely beautiful out of all the ugliness. That’s our powerful God in action. šŸ˜‰




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