One thread at a time…

Bren was buttoning up this morning, when he suddenly realised one button had came off. Chuckled, and told him, “You cannot go to work like that.” Then he shimmied away, singing something like “I’m too sexy for my shirt…” Yep, we’re dorky like that.

Anyway, so that was on my to-do today. Sew up button on Bren’s shirt. & though it’s not the first time I’ve done it, it still brings a smile whenever I do. It’s one of the simplest ways I can serve my dear husband, & I’m thankful that I was taught the basics of sewing.

No, I’m not any expert at sewing machines, or anything like that. I’m a needle+thread+scissors type of girl. And I thank God that most of the time, that’s all the skill that’s required, haha. My mum & grandma were the experts at sewing. They would stitch my clothes, mend the hemlines, and do all sorts of stuff with the sewing machine. I would be the one desperately asking my mum for help whenever the sewing machine got stuck…

Anyway, sewing is all done up.

Bren has a work event tonight, so I’ll be having dinner at home on my own. Will clean up the house a bit, check my work emails…and hopefully have some time to chat with him before calling it a night.

Blessed evening ! 🙂



We are the Light of the world…

His Light. Always shining bright. 🙂

There are so many pressing matters & so many issues cropping up all over…just reading the news for a good half an hour makes me realise how so many people need Him, how they really need that touch of His love, that divine touch. Awful things are happening, all over the world and all over our lives too. & at the very heart of everything, we are simply called to love.

For He is LOVE. Our good God is LOVE.

& so in my day to day wanderings & wonderings…& in times when I’m not sure what’s the next best thing to do…I simply choose to love. For He has filled me with such lavish love of His. How can I not pour that out into another’s life?

This nice, cool afternoon, bought a classic tee as a donation to support children in Iraq through Preemptive Love. Would you consider doing the same too?

God loves you. 🙂

Hello again :)

Had a long break from blogging. Mostly cos I couldn’t do much. It has been nothing short of a whirlwind journey this past month, full of emotional ups & downs. Sometimes, more downs than ups…but I give thanks anyway.

Long story short, Bren & I went for IVF treatment. It was a challenging decision to make, and throughout the process, more challenging decisions were needed. But God, our faithful Lord, saw us through every step of the way. So immensely grateful for His Rhema word spoken either through people, His Word / situations that just unraveled.

During the past month of bed rest, it gave me lots of time to pray, reflect & read. Had more reading done than in the past months combined. 🙂 most of all, it was the intimacy with Him that meant most to me.

It was heartbreaking when I received the call last Mon to inform us that it was not successful. It was not something we were prepared for, but His grace saw us through the pain. I know deep in my heart that God is faithful, and His Word never changes. He has promised to make me fruitful & increase in numbers, and he will keep His covenant with me. I praise Him for that.

Though Bren & I do not know how this journey will unfold, we are taking things one step at a time. One day at a time…living moment to moment by His grace alone. Some days I think I feel better…some days I’m an emotional wreck. But I thank God that He loves & accepts me just the same, and that He only has the best in store for me.

Though it has been so tough, I’m determined to move foward with joy. Joy that doesn’t come from our circumstances, but from Him alone. I seek everyday to find something to be thankful for, and He always reveals…always something beautiful, that I know it’s His way of saying, He is still here with me.

So here’s my past week…of beauty even in the midst of deep pain.














Oh & y’know what, I was sent to A&E last night in the middle of dinner due to severe abdominal pains. It was so horrible, & I never want to go through it again.

But through it all – His presence alone was my comforter. & will continue to be…

God is good. 🙂

Rwanda Food Campaign


Woke up early this morning and decided to whip up some Potatoes with Iberiam ham for breakfast. Filling and just nice for the 2 of us.

Then I read THIS.

My heart just sank as I tried to understand the things the people there have gone through. Just breaks my heart completely into pieces.

As I gave thanks for our breakfast, my heart welled up with even more than simply food to be grateful for. The least I could was to bless them with a portion of my money, in hope that it’ll translate to less of hungry days for them. Lord, may You multiply what little I have, and help us to share all of Your abundant blessings to others around us!

Would you prayerfully consider doing the same too?

God bless you. 🙂