One thread at a time…

Bren was buttoning up this morning, when he suddenly realised one button had came off. Chuckled, and told him, “You cannot go to work like that.” Then he shimmied away, singing something like “I’m too sexy for my shirt…” Yep, we’re dorky like that.

Anyway, so that was on my to-do today. Sew up button on Bren’s shirt. & though it’s not the first time I’ve done it, it still brings a smile whenever I do. It’s one of the simplest ways I can serve my dear husband, & I’m thankful that I was taught the basics of sewing.

No, I’m not any expert at sewing machines, or anything like that. I’m a needle+thread+scissors type of girl. And I thank God that most of the time, that’s all the skill that’s required, haha. My mum & grandma were the experts at sewing. They would stitch my clothes, mend the hemlines, and do all sorts of stuff with the sewing machine. I would be the one desperately asking my mum for help whenever the sewing machine got stuck…

Anyway, sewing is all done up.

Bren has a work event tonight, so I’ll be having dinner at home on my own. Will clean up the house a bit, check my work emails…and hopefully have some time to chat with him before calling it a night.

Blessed evening ! 🙂



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