Spending quality time together :)

Bren and I have been having a lot more time spent intentionally together these days. It helps that I’m off work (though I’ll be back tomorrow!), and that he is recognizing the need to be doing more things together.

Even simple dinners at places we love is such a blessing. Very thankful.


Going for his cousin’s wedding now! Praying that all goes smoothly. 🙂


Mongrels are Awesome

Went to an art exhibition @ Arab Street with Bren, cos I thought he’d love to see the artworks & photographs of dogs, especially those with disabilities. True enough, Bren and I had a fun time. 🙂

The people involved shared about their passion for rescuing such injured dogs / dogs in need, and it made us more aware of the plight of mongrels in Singapore too.




One of the main things that struck me was how resilient such dogs were, despite having heartbreaking physical ailments. They bounce back really well! It’s inspiring.

Anyway, the exhibition is having its last day tomorrow! Pop by if you can. 🙂

It was time very well spent for us. 🐶

Have a blessed weekend!

Am reminiscing last night’s conversation with parents before they left for Israel, and it makes me thankful for how they’ve grown in Christ.

My parents are seriously the sweetest, and when they accepted Christ (together, no less!) few years back, it was one of the best gift ever. Their lives were gradually transformed, and the joy of the Lord slowly replaced the stress of this life. Complaints became sources of growth, and issues that cropped up became avenues of displaying the love of God.

As they make their way to Israel, and enjoy the fellowship with God & His people, I pray for His protection & blessing upon them…and I know, I just know – that this will be a life-changing trip, and they’ll be back with a renewed sense of who God really is, and how much He loves them.


His gift of beauty

Am on my way to meet Bren for dinner at the airport…we’re sending parents off to Israel later tonight! How exciting. Praying for them to have a blessed, life-changing trip!

Meanwhile, am reflecting on the year…and on His beauty, even in beautiful roses.


These roses from Kenya were so popular that even the cashier couldn’t help but exclaim that they were beautiful & that she loved them too. I walked away smiling, knowing that in fact, the sweet chat that cashier & I had was even more beautiful than the roses themselves.

It’s been a while…

But I’ve allowed myself to have more time for doodling & painting. 🙂

Before I got married, I used to paint a fair bit more…then things got busy, and such pursuits seemed a lot more frivolous in some sense? Anyway, it’s not Iike I’m incredibly artistic or that I’m so passionate about the arts, haha…but I think it’s a therapeutic activity, and I always tell myself that there’s no right or wrong in art, just go with the flow.

I hope to set aside more time for such therapy!



Had an unexpectedly long day when work matters cropped up mid-afternoon.

But! Had a wonderful start of the day when Bren and I spent some time over breakfast giving thanks for this year, and just chatting about silly things.

Give thanks in all circumstances. Yes! Always, always to give thanks. 💓


I’m actually looking foward to 2015… 🙂

Super simple sweet potatoes!

I don’t even think this is considered a recipe. Just wash the sweet potatoes really clean, don’t dry them with any paper towels (keep them moist), dump them into the slow cooker & cook on high for 6-7 hours!


I love discovering super simple ways to cook my food. Yum yum.