Praise Praise Praise !

In the midst of all the storms…a rainbow of good news appeared. How wonderful is our Lord!

Bren was approached for a job at Apple, and the timing is impeccable. God didn’t just provide, He provided abundantly! We celebrated last night, though after all the excitement….Bren got a little emo thinking about his current team of colleagues. After all, he has been with this (first) job ever since he graduated! 7.5 years. He’s a more faithful employee than me, it seems. :p

Well, the doors that God opens, no one can shut, and those He closes, no one can open. We are sensing that indeed, it’s a brand new season for us, ending this year…and moving onto 2015. Sometimes it can get nerve-wrecking, unsure about the unknown. But as long as He convicts our every step, we are assured that it’s going to be well in the end. So excited for my dear husband. 🙂

A few other pictures of my surprising lavender sprouts (2 just popped out, out of the blue!), and a quiet lunch I’d after my hospital visit.

God is good…and always, always, will we praise Him.





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