A wonderful Sunday

Celebrated our church’s 28th Anniversary, where Kaelyn was one of the many children performing 2 of their all-time fav songs – The Lord’s Army & Read the Bible. 🙂

I was quite like a thick-skinned Aunty, moving around…scouring for the best spot to take the video of Kaelyn. Thank God for a sweet lady who offered me a seat next to her, so I wouldn’t miss recording Kaelyn’s performance. 😉


After that, went over to Bren’s grandma’s place for a dinner gathering, and took a picture with cute Chloe cos our outfits were so matching! Haha.


Came home after some grocery-shopping, and received wonderful cards from the cell group & my colleagues…blessing me with their words of comfort & encouragement. Yes, Lord…am receiving Your love.

Days may be hard at times, downright painful sometimes…but You are ever-faithful, and even when I do not do anything at all in Your Name, You are still fighting for me. The battle is Yours. & I will be still.



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