I survived :)

3 procedures done at one go. Gallbladder, Fallopian tube & burning off mild endometriosis. Surgery was on Thursday, and was discharged last night. So thankful for 2 wonderful doctors, & many attentive & caring nurses who made sure I was well taken care of.

Now, am doing without the painkillers, and just praying for the 5 wound areas to be healed soon so the aches go away & I’ll be able to move around as per normal again.

Did some baking before the op, so could prepare some banana muffins when parents came over this morning to visit. Mum was so sweet when she sheepishly shoved a card for me yesterday in the evening when she came to the hospital to see me. Too cute πŸ™‚

Going for reviews in a week’s time. Trusting that my body will recuperate speedily & will be functioning even better than before!





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