Online Shopping

Now that I’ve been on bed rest for almost 2 months, I realise that I’ve gotten quite a lot of online shopping done! It’s the easiest thing to do (besides reading, surfing the net on my phone, etc) and so much fun too. Click, click – done! Things can still move even when I’m homebound right. 😉

This morning, made an order from CafePress for Bren’s Christmas gift, and I think he’ll really like it! So excited.

So I thought of sharing some of my favourite sites to shop at:

* Amazon – this has been an old favourite since my Uni days. It started out with my love for Gilmore Girls & discovering that Amazon ships Gilmore Girls storybooks! Have ordered quite a number of books from them since then. 😉

* The Organic Grocer – stumbled onto it when I was on a hunt for hormone-free meat. Customer service has been excellent, and I love their variety of healthy items. The only downside is that I can only order it when I’m going to be home for long periods of time like these past 2 months, since they only do deliveries on Wed & Thurs.

* Etsy – soo in love with this site for the unique finds and DIY items. Ordering is a breeze, and most of the time, I can find relatively cheap items so it doesn’t feel like such a pinch when I fall in love with multiple items. 😛 Got my Christmas gifts for work colleagues through this site!

* DaySpring – this is a site I usually order from whenever they’ve a sale/promo code going on. As international shipping rates are not low for this site, I try to order a few items at one go. Love their home decor and jewellery, as well as the variety of good devotional books.

* ShopBop – love this site for their low international shipping rates! I’m iffy about ordering clothes online (they’re usually misses, not hits for me), so I tend to order accessories instead, since I hardly see duplicates of them in stores. I target their sales items too, so it’s a lot more affordable. 😉

* iHerb – this is a recent favourite. Gynae advised me to purchase a hormone supplement from this site, and thereafter I discovered a few more great finds! Shipping was very fast too.

* FarEastFlora – this is also another old favourite. I think my first order was for my Mum after she went for a surgery…many, many years back. 🙂 Love the variety of blooms and gift baskets. I’m thinking of ordering something for my sis sometime this week, cos’ she just delivered my baby nephew on Tuesday night! So bummed that I can’t physically be there, but am hoping the gift blesses them.

So there you go. 🙂 I hope you find some good stuff from these sites!

What are your favourite sites to shop at? Do share! I still have a few more weeks of being homebound…..haha.


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