Christmas is coming!

Somehow, this year, all by the grace of God…I’m able to slowly savour this wonderful season that we’re celebrating. In the past years, I would usually be swallowed up by work in the last quarter of the year. November would give a whiff of Christmas, but I’d be too busy to even bother thinking about it.

Not that I’ve never tried. Always have the best intentions & start planning sometimes even during the end of October, but as work piled up, I’d usually get pockets of squeezed out time here & there, & end up doing Christmas shopping in December (sometimes even in the middle of Dec!) & I’d always wished it could be different. Nice, but I just desired something slower, something simpler & meaningful…something deeper.

& this year, God paved the way for this. 🙂 Since I’ve been given “forced rest” for the past 2 months, it was a great opportunity to slowly savour the reason for this season of celebration. Have been able to slowly put up Christmas deco that makes Bren & I smile 🙂 … & in my quiet days, have been able to just linger over His Word, & allow it to really speak to my soul. I don’t want to rush past Christmas again.

I pray that I’ll be able to see Him in all of the festivities. All of the singing & the blessing of gifts… All of the beauty of the season comes from Him. Please help me not to miss out on You, Lord.

My quiet days at home have allowed me to appreciate the simplest things…the pretty drip-drops on the window pane when the rain pours…the frogs croaking in harmony in the evening…the birds cackling & chirping while I enjoy my breakfast…the joy of seeing how dear Bren quickly captured the sunset & the colorful evening sky using his phone before he took his bath after work one day… There’s just so much to give thanks for. 🙂

As Christmas draws near, I pray that He will be glorified. In every interaction, every word spoken, everything that we do Lord…may they see You most of all.



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