Capable, Intelligent & Responsible

These are the 3 core strengths that Bren identified for himself in a recent Strengths Test I requested for him to take. 😉

It was a very simple exercise from this book that I’m reading – “You’re Already Amazing” by Holley Gerth, and I benefited from it, so I was curious as to what his strengths were. It was seriously a moment of revelation when he shared that with me. It just “clicked” & I realised, yes! That’s indeed how God has made my husband to be.

He is indeed capable, intelligent & responsible!

In the past, I would sometimes get frustrated at why he couldn’t understand or support a few causes I felt passionately about. I would wonder why he doesn’t seem to be kinder/more caring/more of who I wish/think he could be. & I’m sure all of u know…such thoughts lead to nowhere good.

But now it’s so much easier to accept & respect that it’s simply how God has made him to be – with his strengths, as well as weaknesses. I certainly would not identify his strengths as mine. (Mine was encouraging, gentle & sensitive) & it’s okay!

Holley then shared about how we are to tap on our strengths especially when we find ourselves having reactions to things which are not helpful. She encourages us to respond with one of our strengths instead.

Mind-blowingly simple yet effective. Looking foward to reading more of this great book!

🙂 so thankful. Amazing how God made us differently to play different parts in His Kingdom! I pray that we’ll be able to be used mightily for His purposes.

Anyway, Bren & I had a little breather out of the house on Saturday after my medical review with the surgeon. All’s good! Was so grateful to have a whiff of the outdoors too, even if it was just in the shopping mall. 😉



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