In the stillness & quietness…

God speaks even clearer, & with such depth. Bren has not been able to buy dinners back for the past few days cos of work, so I’ve had more dinners on my own. I would cook a simple meal, like noodles soup with fish, kale & eggs…and enjoy a time of solitude with God. Sometimes, I even light up candles…and make those dates with Him even more special & intentional. I don’t want to rush pass God-moments.

In those moments that I’m learning to savor, I experience such rest…restoration…and a lot of time for reflection. We talk. God & I. & I just linger…in His sweet presence.

Learning the unforced rhythm of grace is going to be a process, and I’m discovering how much I really need it. Not living by the “should” and “should have”…not living by guilt or people’s expectations…but learning from Christ Himself.

Telling myself, it’s okay…it’s okay…whatever happens, it’s still okay. For God is good & sovereign, so it’s okay.

Step by step, I’m flowing more with the Holy Spirit’s leading & surrendering outcomes to Him…for I only want what He deems as best for me. šŸ™‚


Indeed, it’s when we’re surrounded by darkness, that His healing light shines most brightly within us.


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