Spending time with loved ones

I call my grandma once in a while. Sometimes, twice a month, sometimes I squeeze in a little bit more.

It’s nice to hear her voice, and though I honestly don’t have many topics to chat about (besides whether she has taken her meal / medicine, whether she’s going out with my aunt, what she’s currently doing now, … mundane things like that), it’s still something I know I’ll regret if I don’t make time for it.

So though we usually end up chatting about similar things repeatedly over weeks, including the popular topic of whether I’m pregnant or not (haha), it’s not really the topics we talk about, but the setting aside of time to just talk. And I always end up reminiscing about the past, and remind myself it’s something I’ve got to treasure.

During one of our recent chats, my grandma actually told me to ask my mum to bring me over to 坐坐 (to go over for a visit), and while I chuckled at her treating me like a little girl (as if I didn’t know how to go to her place without my mum bringing me!), deep down I knew that it was because she missed me. :*)

So one Saturday, parents and I brought her out to town. 🙂 It was so delightful seeing parents and grandma happily taking pictures and enjoying the food. Laughing in between mouthfuls of our yummy dinner, I intentionally soaked the moments in…..and gave thanks for the love that’s present among us. Indeed, God has been so good to us, and such family time is His way of blessing & loving us too.

Gifts to treasure, these precious & beautiful moments of love.




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