James & Sue-Lynn’s wedding

“Love is the currency of Heaven.”

That’s what the pastor shared about at their wedding. 🙂 Indeed, it’s all about the love of God, and displaying that love in the midst of us…..including those who are “harder” to love. I struggle with that sometimes. Thank God for His grace!

Every time I attend a wedding (especially when with Bren), it brings back memories of ours again. And the many lessons we’ve learnt along the way.

It’s not a simple, get married & live happily ever after fairy tale. It’s not what movies & TV shows depict either. But as we spend years digging into what God says marriage is about, we have come to realise that it’s so much deeper than just mere attraction and wanting to spend “forever time” with each other.

❤️It’s God’s love that brings about reconciliation after every argument.

❤️It’s God’s love that reveals to us how sinful we really are, and that love then astounds us to the point of humility when we remember that despite our sinfulness, God still welcomes us & loves us unconditionally.

❤️Its God’s love that motivates me to be that best help-mate for Bren. To not see the routine as boring…but to remember that it’s just faithfulness to whatever God has called me to do, that ultimately matters.

At the end of the day, I give thanks for the work that God has done in our marriage. Through all the ups & downs, He has been our faithful and loving God, never giving up on us…never leaving us on our own. Always there beside us, even when we fail to realise that.

It was a very lovely wedding, and I’d fun catching up with some of his relatives whom we don’t see often.

God is good. 💖




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