Gift upon gift, The Lord always provides

Taking a moment, to give thanks for:

* quiet, intimate, soul-enriching time with Him this morning ☀️

* restful sleep last night 🌙

* unexpected gifts of blessings yesterday ğŸŽ

* the colorful sky as the morning dawned on us 🌈

* Bren coming back this afternoon ✈️

* a healthy & delicious slow-cooked pulled-pork sandwich for breakfast ğŸž

* assurance from Him that He does not want me to perform, nor does He want me to produce. He simply wants me to be with Him, & be fully at rest… 🙌

* parents sending photos of them enjoying their Israel trip 👫

* a long weekend break of rest & restoration 🍀

* time with relatives I don’t see often


|| btw, you can see that I’m having some fun with all the emoji, haha. Newly discovered this morning! I know…a bit slow, but still fun! Thankful for that too. 😉


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