What do I do when I rest?

Nothing,” answered the Lord, so quietly in my soul that I’d to wrestle with this for a while.

Nothing? How can it be?” my soul gets puzzled, but nothing is beyond the Lord.

And he clearly yet gently answers me this Sunday morning in church, when the anointed presence of God was so strong, within less than a minute of being prayed for, I fell. Down with the comforting deep presence of the Lord.

In that semi-conscious state, the Lord spoke to my soul again, “See? This is what my vision is for you next year. Even from now. Just to lie down. In green pastures that I’ll prepare for you. Just lie down…and receive.”

I was so touched, I sat up slowly, with tears that trickled with gratitude. How can God love me so much? You mean, I don’t have to do anything at all? Absolutely nothing.

Thank You, Lord.

Bren and I are savoring the restedness of Christ in this new season, spending more time with each other, sometimes outside, but mostly at home. He’s right now whistling along with worship songs playing from his computer. And I’m thankful. Thankful for even the grace to have a husband that worships Him. Such grace…

This was at Gardens at the Bay’s Christmas Wonderland last night. It was fantastic being surrounded by all the sparkly light-ups, sharing an ice-cream sandwich and even bumping into a friend mid-way.


Yes, Father God, I’ll obey. To just lie down in this pasture You’ve prepared, and surrender everything else to You. I’ll do absolutely nothing except trust in Your goodness and provision. 🌟


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