An ordinary Wednesday

On the train to town, hoping to get some scrapbook stickers for birthday cards that I was assigned to prepare. Had some creamy sweet potatoes for lunch, but dreaming also about the possibility of getting a nice dessert to finish the meal. šŸ˜‰

It’s one of those days, very ordinary…but also precious enough for God to prompt me to jot these moments down.

Looking foward to catching up with Carol over brunch tomorrow. šŸ‘­ A little anxious about what 2015 would hold for me. A little lonely whenever I recall how I had hoped to spend this Christmas reading to baby (who’d be in my womb…). But still celebrating the fact that Christmas is more than mere wishes coming true…instead, it’s celebrating the One – Jesus, who gave us life through Him. Such precious truth, that my soul needs reminding, time & time again.

Thankful that I managed to get some gluten-free desserts in town (@ Love in Bread, Marina Square). Love discoveries like that. šŸ’— Thankful for my loved ones, who are my constant source of support, and for Bren who’ll be able to come back with dinner and have an early night’s rest tonight.

Thinking of the children in my Centre, as I ponder & pray about what happened in Pakistan . My heart is so heavy just reading this news. Men are truly so fallen. We desperately need the saving grace & love of God! Oh Lord, be with us. Thank You for Your comforting presence.

Our Hope comes from You alone.


May your ordinary days be greatly blessed too.


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