Treasured moments

Woke up groggily to a singing husband this morning. Actually, it started as a hum…and then progressed on to an actual song (Wonderwall) when egged on by my giggles. It was too funny, both of us still sleepy under the bed covers, and him rolling out a song. After he finished with the first song, using my hand as his “microphone”, he was inspired to do another (Stand by Me). Sigh, I could only laugh between yawns, whispering to God, help me to remember such moments, Lord. Help such funny moments to be etched in my heart’s store of precious memories. πŸƒ

πŸ’• Another treasured moment was when I met up with Carol on Thursday. It was to be brunch, and we enjoyed ours at NamNam, Raffles City before the lunch crowd & Christmas-shoppers thronged the mall. She was desperate for a cup of coffee to recover from a stretch of nights with insufficient sleep, so we also popped by our favorite Fruit Paradise and had pretty desserts to go along.

We chatted about many things, but the bulk of it was to prepare for my new season in 2015, and she gave me many tips for saving and homemaking. Lots of laughs, lots of “wow, so thankful for this” moments…very grateful for our friendship.

Always a joy whenever she comes back to Singapore. 🍰


Welcoming the weekend with open arms {who doesn’t right?}…..and ready to receive what God has in store. ☺️


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