The sacred in the ordinary


Just came back from celebrating nephew, Keyne’s 2nd birthday. The laughter, the jokes, the loud joy….is still ringing repeatedly in my heart. Deep in my memories for today.

Just like how I’m etching the memory of Kaelyn running towards me this morning in church when she spotted me from afar…yes, am having this sweet, sweet memory carved deep into my heart. So super-sweet, even though there were 2 aunties carrying big boxes right next to her, her focus was simply on running towards my arms. Opened wide, ready to embrace her.

Isn’t it just like how God embraces us unconditionally? The moment we run towards His love, He runs towards us too, with such lavish, undeserved grace & love.

Ordinary moments, sacred moments. Life truly is one huge gift, unravelled day by day. Let’s treasure it. 🍃


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