The one thing this Christmas Eve…


The one thing I’m holding onto this day…is the completely undeserved grace of God.

A usual family gathering was unexpectedly not happening. One of my staff got really sick yesterday, and another needs to see the doctor today, so I’m rushing down this morning to stand in.

Also, just realised Bren completely forgot to get a Christmas gift for his sister (!). And he’s not even sure if he gets a halfday off today but we’ve agreed to attend his family’s gathering in the afternoon.

PLUS, MIL called requesting a favor last minute, for me to help prepare salad dressing for the gathering today. Got to squeeze in some time after my workday today to do it.

And praying that sis & bro are free for a family dinner tomorrow.

*mind is so boggled full*

Oh boy.

Got to breathe.

No, this stress is not going to have a hold on me. This is not how Christmas Eve is going to be.


All is grace.

Laying down all my stress…all my expectations and preconceived notions of what it “should be like”, and opening my hands free to receive the gift of God filling up all my empty places, for His gifts are the best.

Gifts of grace. Of love. Of joy. Of peace – supernatural peace.

After all, He has already displayed His grace to me just this morning – went down a little late (cos I was busy sulking to Bren) so the cab I booked left, leaving me with the need to hurriedly book another cab. But the grace of God showed up when an empty cab just appeared. So thankful that I didn’t have to wait nor pay additional booking fees. Phew πŸ™‚ such grace.

Isn’t it what Christmas is all about? Receiving the gift of Grace, through dear Jesus. Receiving it so I can extend the same grace to my loved ones…including my dear husband. Sigh, Lord help me.

Thank You for Your forgiving grace…


May all of you have a blessed Eve, and loads of wonderful memories of Grace this season…this season of love. πŸ’“


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