another letter to God; capturing life, laughter + love

I thought it was a leaf. Brown and light. but it flew away and then I realised, oh wow…it was a butterfly. Flittered right at my toes.

My heart is heavy. Thinking about the people that were on board the tragic AirAsia flight, and the families who are grieving, hearts broken…lives torn. Lord, how can we ever comprehend such things. It’s beyond me.

That’s when faith comes in, right Lord? Faith in knowing that You are the one ultimately in control and it’s not a surprise to You. You cry with us. You grieve with us. For Your love is beyond anything on this fallen earth.

Knowing that out of the 155 people on board, there were 45 church members from Surabaya just breaks my heart. But I thank God that they are with You now. Safe. The safest they’ll ever be.Β 

Your light will continue to shine in this dark world. Praise God for the worship services that are being conducted at the crisis centre, and I pray that Your divine presence will just fill the entire place, and overflow to the pre-believers who’ll see the Hope that we, your children, have in You.

Lord, You fill the broken hearts with comfort and supernatural love…and please keep them close….keep them close to You, Father.

Just as how I was surprised that the leaf was actually a beautiful butterfly, turn things around to our amazement. Humble us with Your glory. For You are God, Lord over all.

Making my way to meet Mum for lunch. Such a treasured blessing to even do this. Precious little moments. I’m going to savour…

Father, as the first week of January comes to an end, I’m mindful that it’s only the start. I’m looking at the blank canvas called 2015, and am asking You to fill it with Your art piece. Who are You moulding me to be? Am I being transformed into someone more like Christ each day?

I surrender this blank canvas, and am trusting that at the end of it all, this canvas will reflect Christ.

I’m putting my hands in Yours. It feels right. Comforting and loving. & you say, “rest. dear child. just rest.” It’s a whisper…a hush of love, & it astounds, yet what else should I expect of you? Of course you want me to rest. The world is after all, Yours. & You know just what to do. I’ll be still and allow You to fight for me. To fight for us. πŸ™‚

A yummy lunch with mum – warm beef udon soup. A simple and sufficient meal. Chatted about family updates, the places we could go to as a family, how Kaelyn and Kaeson are developing…and she kept reminding me to rest.


Is that who you desire me to become? Someone who is deeply rested in you. A daughter of the most High God who knows her position in Christ, and knows that her Father will always protect, always love, always bless.

As the year unfolds, I have slight tremors in my heart. I don’t want to waste my days. I don’t want to take things for granted. I don’t want to feel like I didn’t honor you with my life.

Obedience. That’s all you require of us.

Step by step, moment by moment. Lead and guide and I’ll trust and obey, even if butterflies are still in my stomach. Like a child following the footsteps of her parent, I’m walking upon your leading. And I know that as long as I’m in your presence, there’ll be peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace that is not of this world, but peace that comes directly from you, guarding my heart and mind.

I come to you as I am. Your beloved. Your treasured child.

“I love you.” is whispered tenderly to my soul.

How can I not love you back, Father. I’m sorry for the {many} times I’ve stumbled and doubted. For the reluctance to let go, and let You be God.

Thank you for enveloping me with Your presence, for your forgiving love. I’m making space in my days to get the words out of my soul…writing to you, knowing You’ll *always* write back. In words, in love, in moments of revelation.

this is my prayer to you. My Father-God.

//have always loved capturing beautiful moments on my phone. Love looking at them, and recalling the great moments and the stories behind them. So when I read about the #capturinglifelaughterlove Instagram challenge, it was the natural thing to say, yes! I’m in. πŸ™‚

I love the concept behind it, and I can’t wait to see how this positive energy spreads. The world has enough dark news. We’ve got to let His Light shine!

If you would like to join, head on over HERE.

My shot for the day is this of the blue morning sky while I had my lunch at home.


I’m not sure how I’ll be able to do this daily throughout the year, but I’m going to try and on the days I don’t have a picture for the challenge, I’m just going to let it slide and thank God for it anyway.

As the first week of Jan comes to an end, would like to share this song with all of you; it’s super-cute and cheery, and I pray it brightens your day! 😚

Video: This Year {by David & JJ Heller}


3 thoughts on “another letter to God; capturing life, laughter + love

  1. Ng Jason says:

    Oh, such a long and blessed news. It is not the end of the week yet, rather it is midweek. So much things to say. I salute. By the way there are about 162 people including a crew of 7 from AirAsia thst have gone to heaven.

    Sent from my iPhone


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