Vegan Beauty Box: Dec ’14

Inspired by shortsmallsweet and also because I’ve loved reading her blog from years back {in livejournal; gasp}, decided to try out the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – a monthly surprise of carefully selected beauty items {a mix of sample & full retail-size} sent right to your doorstep every month. //read more about it HERE.

My first subscription was from December, and since it’s international shipping, it arrived around end Dec, and I wanted to try them out before posting about them.

It’s a little treat for myself in this new season, and I always love surprises. Getting myself {a little} out of my comfort zone to try new things sometimes is always good too. Learning to embrace the unexpected. πŸ™‚ Plus, Carol reminded me that in this new season of being a homemaker, I cannot forget to take good care of myself too, ie. I still need to care about how I dress and present myself, especially towards dear Bren. I’m sure he doesn’t want a frumpy housewife…so this little indulgence goes towards making sure that at least I’m still putting in some effort, haha.

Well, the arrival of the box was like opening a wonderful surprise gift.


Was excited to try each of them out. Some turned out awesome, some not so much. Isn’t that quite like life sometimes? πŸ˜‰

Bellapierre Cosmetics nail polish in Pearl White {full size, $15}


I actually previously ordered Bella Pierre’s mineral foundation through Amazon, but it got lost in the mail. 😧 thankfully, they promptly refunded. So I’m still toying with the idea whether to order it again in the future. Was happy to try out the nail polish, though I have to admit that the color would not be something I would pick for myself if I were purchasing it in a retail store. It’s shiny and striking, and I usually go for more muted/simple colors. Still, it’s a good step out of my comfort zone! & it was perfect for New Year’s Eve. Bren doesn’t usually comment on how I look, but he actually noticed it at night {yes, takes my man a full day to notice, haha} and commented, “you did your nails?” I take it as a good thing!

North Coast Organics All-natural Spray Lotion {sample-size}

This was a disappointment. Tried it out once, and it honestly didn’t do much for my skin. Didn’t feel/notice anything at all, and the worst was that it soon turned rancid {a very wierd yellow} so I quickly threw it away. Thank God it was just a sample.

Delizioso Skincare Outrageous Natural Cream Blush {full size, $18}

This was the highlight and best surprise, in my opinion. It’s tiny, but will last a long while since just a teeny-tiny bit will pop your cheeks right up sweetly. Loved it on my first try, but went slow with it since my skin is incredibly sensitive and this contains coconut oil. Thankfully, no issues so far. ✌️

21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy in 18 Sleep {sample vial}

This came in perfect timing since I was not feeling too well, and needed good sleep. It was not the usual relaxing scent that I would expect, and I felt it was more of a warm and cosy, “downtime” scent – a customized blend of ylang ylang, vetiver & sandalwood. Still using it during my unwinding evening routine…πŸŒ™

There were 3 more freebies that were included in the stash:


Pnk Digger’s lip pigment was SO rich and was such a bright, shocking pink, that I literally had to wipe it off quickly to get a normal pink lip back, haha. Tiny bit, people! Just use a tiny bit. Well, unless you’re going for the bold look, of course.

Have not used the nail file nor the hair & body oil yet, but looking foward to giving it a go. Let’s hope it works out!

Have a blessed, beautiful weekend! ❄️


4 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty Box: Dec ’14

    • cookiesrainandlove says:

      Yes, such a great reminder right. πŸ™‚ it was input from my mentor/boss-turned-friend, haha. It’s always good to surround ourselves with people who are older; learning a lot from her. So thankful. πŸ’

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