I am loved ðŸ’œ

Before I accepted Christ into my life in 2006, God’s love was something very vague and abstract for me. I knew my parents loved me, I knew my siblings cared for me, and I even knew how much Bren would be there for me…but God? Almighty God, our Heavenly Father? Who is He?

I remember going to church, invited by secondary school friends, and always tearing up at the end of each service. I didn’t understand why, and didn’t dare to allow myself to delve into the aspect of religion. Frankly, the unknown of it all scared me. When my friends called up to ask me to go to church again, I would always decline, afraid that my parents {who were then pre-believers} would be upset.

Thinking back, His grace was truly evident.

Long story short, I accepted Christ on 7 July 2006. Soon after that, I vividly remember this moment when I was reading a book for new believers, and in it it said – do you know that God loves you even more than your parents ever will? I was honestly shocked at that statement, thinking to myself about what kind of book could make such a bold {and in my heart, at that time, a false statement}. I mean, who would love me more than my dear parents? It was quite an insult reading that statement.

Fast foward to this day, how things have changed. I thank God for how He loves me, and I know He loves my loved ones even more than I could ever love them. For He is God, our Creator.

Knowing who God is has become a daily communion that I seek and enjoy each day. When my heart is troubled, all I have to do is to speak to Him and give Him all that’s bothering me. When my heart rejoices, all He requires is thanksgiving and praise. When I am restless and bored, I just talk to Him…and we simply commune. ❤️

I’m learning how much He loves me, I’m growing in His love…a safe place of intimacy with my Abba-Father. And I’m soaking in His presence…releasing all my burdens and heaviness to Him, who alone carries everything for me.

{jan 12: morning routine} one of the gems of this morning’s quiet time…



Do you know how much God loves you, my dear friend? I pray that it be so. 🙂


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