A struggle

Lately, I’ve been consciously taking in moments. Moments that would fly past me if I did not intentionally absorb them into my store of sweet memories.

Moments of just being with friends, laughing and eating. I look around…and really see. Moments of being in awe, stepping into an awareness of the beauty around me. To slowly allow the wonder of it all to refresh my parched soul. Moments of even simply taking in the sight of my home – our home – and giving thanks for having the privilege of having a home to call ours.

In the past year, I really struggled with fleeting moments. Things just overwhelmed, and I would have good days of pauses and rest, but there were many days {sometimes stretching into weeks}, where I would just trudge along with whatever comes, and barely have any spaces in my days to absorb the beauty of each moment deep into my soul.

There is a time and season for everything, and I’m so glad that I’ve grown through it, that the previous year has past, and that God’s grace has seen me through even the darkest days.

This year, I pray that I’ll be more intentional about practising the awareness of God’s presence in each moment. To commune with Him even in the mundane, and to fully absorb the gifts He has blessed us with, including those in the seemingly small and insignificant.

{jan 15: a struggle to absorb daily moments; Lord, help us} #capturinglifelaughterlove


May we find You today, and in every new day of this gift of Life. 🍁


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