Sunsets & Friendships

Spent 3 very lovely nights with Julia this past week. None of it was previously scheduled. We simply spontaneously decided to meet up after each time, and it was such a refreshment to our souls. Mine, especially. 🙂

We watched the sunset last evening too, and it was so lovely. Just observing how the light blue sky became speckled with colors so amazing…we just sat there for a while, and soaked the beauty in.

{jan 17: lovely setting sun @ Vivo} #capturinglifelaughterlove


In this season of life, I’m reminding myself how people and relationships are so much more important than anything else. While walking out of our dinner place last night, I overheard this lady exclaiming to whoever her date was, that she is so tired out from her work, and how it’s causing her to be so busy and worn out. My heart just whispered a prayer of thanksgiving, thankful that God has released me from such stress in this season of mine.

If we don’t cherish the people we love now, when will we ever do so?



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