Chicken broth, mmmmm…

Love the smell of chicken broth, especially during the simmering. The whole kitchen is filled with the aroma! The smell of home. šŸ˜‹

It’s so nourishing; love preparing a big pot and then keep some for the next few day’s soup. Yum yum.

1 or 2 carcasses {I used an uncooked one}
2 large carrots, chopped
2 onions, halved with the skin left on
10 peppercorns

{more vegetables can be added, eg. celery, bay leaves, thyme… I just used whatever I had at home.}

2. Stuff the carcass in the pot. Add all other ingredients, covered with water and bring to an almost-boil. Reduce heat, till stock is just simmering, and leave it simmering uncovered for 2 hrs if carcass was cooked, and 8 hrs if carcass was uncooked.

3. I check it intermittently for froth which I skim off. Once it’s done, and cooled, strain the stock through a fine sieve and chill in fridge.


Feeling very domesticated today, haha. Good night!


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