Step by step

Foward together. 💓

::Bren and I went for the Tree-top walk @ MacRitchie this afternoon. It was much easier than I initially envisioned it to be! Granted, there were exhausting moments, and steep climbs to make, but going through it together made it so much more bearable.

At one point in our journey, we were nearing the finishing point, and the climb was so steep, I didn’t have the energy to speak at all. I chose not to look ahead, but looked down at my feet, gearing them up for the road ahead, telling myself, “just one step at a time. one step at a time.” Before I knew it, we made it!

It made me think of how our life journeys are full of hard roads and steep climbs too, but as long as we keep our feet moving foward, towards the direction that God desires us to head to, all is going to be well.

We rewarded ourselves with a sumptuous dinner and desserts after that. Ahh, what a wonderful date.


{jan 31: wonderful achievement 💕} #capturinglifelaughterlove


Hope you’d a good Saturday too!


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