I didn’t sleep so well…

Tossed and turned, with many thoughts running through my mind. It took me quite a while to sleep though I was physically and emotionally quite drained. It’s tough enough to manage people and their issues, but when it affects you personally too, it’s a whole new level of exhaustion of the heart. I kept trying to shift my thoughts away from what affected me yesterday, but can I just say….that it wasn’t very successful.

Woke up abruptly on my own, not knowing what time it was. {I usually place my phone away from me, so when the alarm rings, I’ve a better chance of actually waking up since I’d have to step out of bed to switch it off. Has been working well so far!} So I continued the tossing and turning, with more thoughts running through. Thoughts of what to do, how to tackle the situation, how I feel so drained just thinking about it, how stressful it is to have to deal with this awful situation just before I end my season at work….honestly just too much going on in my head.

And then I remembered – the verses I’ve been memorizing. Just having that thought was like a breath of fresh air. So I said to myself, why not just occupy my thoughts with God’s Word instead? I’ve been memorizing Psalm 1, and finishing up Psalm 121, so I ran those verses through my heart instead…again and again…and the peace that surpasses understanding…….sigh, finally comes upon my weary spirit.

And I began to rest again.

Till my alarm woke me up.


Thank You, Lord.

So many things are beyond our control. But I’m going to intentionally fill up my heart with His Truth. To meditate on it day and night, so that I will be like that tree planted by streams of water, yielding its fruit in season, and having leaves that do not wither.

Letting go of my anxious thoughts about how today will turn out, and exchanging them for His loving Truth instead.

Snuggling up with devotionals that point my heart to His Truth always helps.


Got to remain.

Remain in this posture of rest, and dependence upon His provision of grace. It’s going to be okay…….😊


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