Reading, & Waiting…

One of my favorite past-time is reading. Love fiction, devotionals, memoirs, and generally just anything that’s interesting.

Early this morning, read this…


…and it spoke deeply to me.

It’s true how much of life is about waiting. And how we wait – the posture of our heart, the attitude that we carry while waiting…it matters to God.

I just came back from visiting my Father-in-law at the hospital. We are in pain to see him in pain, but also thankful that there are good doctors who are taking care of him. While we pray and wait for God’s divine healing, our hearts are expectant with hope πŸ™‚ we know God is good, and I pray that my in-laws will come to know our Lord and Savior through this challenging situation too.

While waiting, we read. His Word, most of all. πŸ’•


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