The close of a chapter

God is always with me, even in the seasons that are so challenging that I think I would not survive.

::Praise God for His faithfulness in the years past {especially in 2014}, and I give thanks to Him for where He has brought me to right now.

I couldn’t see it when I was in the midst of everything, but looking back……it’s true how I’ve been brought to a place of greater intimacy with God through all the pain and trials. God uses everything we go through for His glory! And because He is faithful, I can trust Him with my dreams for the future too.

God is already there in my future. And it’s beautiful! I’m learning that no matter what happens, I can always do it because He gives me the strength to do so.

::farewell moments :













::Bren and I went for a long walk last night after dinner. It was so enjoyable just chatting and being with each other, while exercising at the same time. Marks the start of my new season, where I intend to invest a lot more time in my loved ones…starting from my dear husband. 😀


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